Buy URL Plates for your car URL plates will make your car stand out on the road
Generate Traffic while sitting in it



MC Promotions has the answer to the Question:
"How do I increase web site traffic?"

No detail has been overlooked!The adURL'plate complements the chrome detailing on any vehicle. The letters are bold and stand out. They are easy to read, even at highway speeds!

adURL'plates are far more effective and professional than bumper stickers. They are made of the same high quality materials used by car manufacturers except they are triple coated to stand up to years of weather and car washings.


Merle's Cyber Promotions URL Plates

Our adURL'plate is unique. It cannot be duplicated*. We are the only source of this unique and inexpensive marketing tool.
*(industrial design patent applied for)

The uses are limitless!

The possibilities for use of Total Print Graphics adURL'plates is unlimited. Their appearance will enhance your image and presence to millions of viewers over their life span. Their mobile nature will create the means of presenting your message, not only at home, but to those in other major centres as well.

In addition to your car, URL'plates can be installed on doors, windows, walls, or equipment.

A constant reminder to revisit

Assuming the website is regularly updated with interesting news, information, helpful hints and events, Internet users will visit your web site again and again. Motorists and pedestrians in large numbers will have a daily visual reminder of your web site address, through a thousand or more moving billboards, which will extend through your geographic area…reaching your target market!


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URL Plates for your car
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How do I install it?

Your adURL'plates install in seconds. A double-sided automotive type adhesive tape securely affixes it to your car.

What's the cost?
Chrome US$ 39.95, or gold US$ 44.95

Minimum order of two plates of any text combination. Maximum length 22 letters/numbers, not including punctuation such as  : // . - / ~ @

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We carefully researched fonts to determine the optimum size, shape, and placement of the letters. We believe our URL'plates maximize the amount of information that can be absorbed at a glance. A design prerequisite wathat it should look as close to "original equipment as psible and nothing like an "add-on" or "bumper sticker".


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