Buy URL Plates for your car url and email plates for your vehicle and office
url plates for your car

URL Plates for your car


If you have a web site, you may have found yourself asking "How do I increase web site traffic?"

Increasing site traffic is tough and can be very expensive. Perhaps you have already tried banner ads, advertising, mailing list sponsorship, Usenet promotion, etc. And if you've tried Internet advertising and promotion, then you know your message has to stand out from the thousands of other sites already on the Web!

Finally! A simple, cost effective solution to increase site traffic... and you sit in it every day!

Your car is the answer! Or your company's fleet of cars, vans, buses.... Every day, these vehicles pass hundreds, perhaps thousands of motorists. Imagine having your web site address catching the eye of the commuting public! We've made it possible by developing a high quality, inexpensive adURL'plate

adURL'plates are attractive and eye catching. The rich chrome plating will tastefully draw attention to your message. "There's two on my truck, and it really does drive traffic to my site!"  "Once an individual, after seeing my address, rolled down his window and hollered questions to me about my company while I was at a red light!"

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Chrome US$ 39.95, or gold US$ 44.95

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