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You can have custom shirts to advertise your website!

Wouldn't everyone you know with a website want one of these too? With all the hard work and energy you've spent building and promoting your website, now you can take some time off. Wear your website wherever you go! Wear adURLshirts! soft cotton blend shirts with your web site address printed across the chest! Everyone with an e-mail address can have one of their own!

Wear Your Website!
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I love my t-shirt
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Get yours Now and be the Talk of the Town!

Even if you don't have your own domain name you can still be master of your own domain! We can print anything you like on the .com shirts! We also offer some fun stock designs and invite you to brainstorm and come up with your own! If we add it to our inventory, You get Yours FREE!

You can become a reseller for adURLshirts! You love your shirt, right? Everyone will want to have one! Three versions available. The @ Tee, smiley-tee and the adURLshirt.


Here are some photographs of the real thing!



Buy your adURLshirts! now. NO MINIMUM ORDER! Customized shirts with your own URL or e-mail address! Buy on-line securely now at our everyday low price of $19.95. Most orders currently processed within 24 hours. So don't hesitate! Secure Online Ordering!


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