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Issue # 123
Jan 23, 2005

Merle's Cyber Promotions Press Ezine
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"M.C. Promotions Press Ezine-
"Creating Visibility Online For Small Business"

Editor & Publisher: Merle

"You can lead a fool to wisdom but you can't make him think"

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Mission Statement:To provide and enlighten small to mid sized business owners with the services/ products and information they need to become successful online.

In This Issue:

=> 1. Marketing News/Resources

=> 2. Feature Article- "Put Your Web Biz on Autopilot with Autoresponders"

=> 3. Net Hot Spots!
=> 4. Sites to Help
=> 5. Site Promotion Software & More
=> 6. E-Books / Ezine Resources
=> 7. Other Valuable Ezines
=> 8. Subscribe/Unsubscribe Information

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Note From Merle:

Hey Gang,

Monday, Monday, ahhhhh they just keep on coming. Since the alternative of them not coming is death, I guess I'll take it. I went to a wedding Saturday night. One of my friends whom I thought would stay single forever actually bit the bullet and got hitched. He's close to 40 and the girl he married is about 24 so I'm not sure how the age gap is going to work out but hey, whatever turns you on, right?

Vodka and cranberries were the order of the night and I guess I had a few too many as when they played the song"Footloose" I tore up the dance floor all by myself. When I start doing that it's usually time to cut me off and take me home. I did have a good time and woke up with a slight hangover and not near as bad as I thought it would be.

We've had snow, snow and more snow. We got blasted Sat morning and it went on and on all day. I almost didn't make the wedding but luckily it was close by so I did make the church on time. For the reception I did get picked up by a friend so I was able to consume alcohol and not worry about having to drive home. See, I am responsible.

I finally finished my latest ebook that I will be putting up for sale soon. I'm still working on the web page. I went thru a year's worth of back issues of this ezine and put together a 64 page PDF book of the cream of the crop. I must say it's a very good resource and you'll want to grab a copy when you can. I'll let you know the purchase link when it's ready.

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Thanks again for joining me.

Warmest Regards,

Merle- Publisher

Discussion Question of the Week:

Today's question on the discussion board is: "What are some of the best Blogs online?"

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1) Marketing News

New Anti-Sp.m Tag

Google Raises Word Limit to 32

Microsoft Yanking Yahoo, Scaling Up MSN Search Beta

French court strikes blow against Google AdWords

Search Engines Try To Block Blog 'Comment Sp.m'

LookSmart Sees Dreary Q4

MSN's Web search picks up steam



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2) Feature Article

"Put Your Web Biz on Autopilot with Autoresponders"

Anyone who has a web-based business will tell you
that answering emails is one of the most time
consuming chores they face on a daily basis. After
answering your emails for any length of time, you'll
soon see that many of the requests you receive are
for the same information over and over. Instead of
typing the same responses again and again you can
streamline this process with the use of autoresponders.

Autoresponders work much in the same way as fax
on demand. They're pre-determined email responses
that are triggered to go out automatically to
specific email inquiries.

There are many ways you can use autoresponders
in your online business. Here are my Top Ten:

1) FAQ (Frequently asked questions). How many
times do you get questions on how your site
or service works? Take them and answer them
all in one text document.

2) Advertising Rates. If you sell ads in your
ezine or on your website, set up a document
containing your ad rates and demographic

3) Help Responses. For tech support on your
site; you can make a list of possible problems
with the solutions along with a note that
you'll be in touch soon. This can also be
used for tech support with your software or

4) Copy of your Ezine. If you publish an ezine,
make sure you have an issue people can request
a copy of by autoresponder. Many times people
like to see an issue before they subscribe.
Make sure you include subscribe information
inside as well.

5) Price Lists. If you sell products on your
site, supply a comprehensive list of items
with pricing.

6) Services. If you perform multiple services,
list them along with a brief description and
pricing and how to order.

7) Vacation. If you're going to be out of touch
for a week or two you can set up an autoresponder
to answer your incoming mail, with a canned
response of when you'll return.

8) Short Courses. Many site owners use autoresponders
to teach lessons or set up a tutorial on a subject,
with one lesson being sent every day over a period
of a week or two.

9) Sample Chapter. If you sell an e-book, you could
offer a free sample chapter to arouse interest
and encourage purchases.

10) Articles. Writing articles (like this one) and
distributing them online is a great way to
promote your website. Setting them up on
autoresponders makes it extra easy to offer them
to others for possible inclusion in their ezine
or on their sites.

If you're in need of an autoresponder service, check
out some of these:

Send Free
Get Response
Free Autobot
123 Response

These are just some ideas for getting mileage from
autoresponders. If you take a look at what information
is requested most by your business, you'll come up
with many more that will suit your need and help
put your web-based business on autopilot.

By Merle- offers a F-r-e-e
ebook and an e-course that will teach you how to
promote and market your website. Grab your copy
now by going to

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3) Net Hot Spots

Marketing Tom

There's a lot of Blogs out there but are they
any good? This one by a guy named Tom on Internet
Market!ng includes some valuable resources any
online marketer could use.


Nokodo Search

A brand new search engine where you just
might want to submit your website to.


F-r-e-e Web Submissions

Providing manual and auto submission to the
highest-rated, Free Internet Search Engines
and Directories.



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4) Sites to Help

3rd Party Merchant Accounts

Great article by jl of iCop about the benefits
of using third party merchant accounts.



F-r-e-e Auction Tools that allow you to Calculate
eBay and PayPal Fees with the eBay Calculator! See
who is visiting your Auctions with the F-r-e-e
Auction Counters.


Can't Find On Google

It's hard to imagine that there's anything Google
can't find but I guess it's possible. This site
exists for the sole purpose of listing things that
Google could not find for you. You'll need to
register but once you do you can add your own
lost sites.



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Instant Video Generator

Want To Instantly Add Streaming Video To Your Website Without Expensive Equipment Or Technical Know-How? It's easier to do then you think.


**** QUICK TIP***

Search Engines and File Types

Search Engines are capable of indexing more then
just HTML files. To find files of different types
just type the following into the search box.

Then type the document type extension you want to
search for. For example to find PDF files type in:

or to find txt files you'd type in allinurl:TXT

You can try a variety of extensions depending on
what you need to find.


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5) Site Promotion Software & More

The Ultimate Keyword Tool

"Amazing 'Magic Formula' Built Inside New
Software Reveals Thousands Of Highly Profitable
Niche Keywords In The Blink Of An Eye... Then,
...Tells You Which Ones Will Pull In The Most


Landing Page Builder

With the new changes in Google Adwords in regards
to affiliate url's it's more important then ever
to have your own webpage to direct possible buyers
to. Download this software which will have you
pumping out pages in a jiffy. If you like it
please donate to one of the worthy causes listed.


Auction Submit

Want to list your Ebay auctions the easy way?
Download this free software that's loaded with
features that makes it a snap to upload auctions
not only to Ebay but to Amazon and Yahoo as well.


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6) Ebook & Ezine Resources

Entrepreneur Books

Entrepreneur Magazine offers plenty of books
to help you with your business. Choose from
over 50 titles. 6.95 for the first book then
2.95 shipping each book thereafter.


"Are You an Ezine Publisher"?

Are you tired of constantly looking for new
content for each issue? Search no more. Browse
our huge database of FREE articles written
by some of the Net's Top Experts. Browse
now at....


2005 Wisdom Report

Includes 105 real-life marketing lessons learned
from MarketingSherpa readers including the folks
at Timberland, Pacific Shaving, and ING Direct.
It's in PDF format and you can download it free here.



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7) Other Valuable Ezines- Ad Swaps

If you would like to swap ads send your ezine information

"Merle's Mission Ezine"

Merle's Mission is published twice a month and is
geared towards webmasters and those who own their
own website. Contains software, free e-books, website
tips and tools, design resources and much more that
will help you build a better website. You'll never
be at a loss for content ideas if you subscribe now!


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