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Issue # 124
Feb 7, 2005

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Editor & Publisher: Merle

""Ah, yes politics. Poli- coming from the latin word meaning many, and tics- coming from the latin word meaning small blood sucking insects."

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Mission Statement:To provide and enlighten small to mid sized business owners with the services/ products and information they need to become successful online.

In This Issue:

=> 1. Marketing News/Resources

=> 2. Feature Article- "Why Every Small Business Owner Needs Two Websites"

=> 3. Net Hot Spots!
=> 4. Sites to Help
=> 5. Site Promotion Software & More
=> 6. E-Books / Ezine Resources
=> 7. Other Valuable Ezines
=> 8. Subscribe/Unsubscribe Information

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Note From Merle:

Hi Kids,

So did you hear about the results from Mr. Groundhog? He saw his shadow which means we have another 6 weeks of winter. Yuck! How scientific is an animal seeing his shadow and on what basis does that mean the bad weather is hear to stay for exactly 6 weeks? I mean who came up with this one, and what was he smoking? (LOL) It's crazy really, but it sure gets our attention.

My "Significant Other" has been busy working on new floor plans for our house. We finally have the insurance money from our house fire and need to put things back together. Instead of replacing things as they were we're going to do some additions as well and take out the fireplace and put in a gas one. I wasn't too keen on a gas fireplace as I really like bringing in the wood and lighting it. Must be the Pyro in me, but Jim says we'll worry for the rest of our lives that the house will catch fire again from a real fireplace.(that's how it started in the first place) The more I think about it I guess he's right but gas doesn't thrill me. They just don't look like they put out that much heat. And whatabout the smell? I like the smell of wood burning and the crackle and pop sounds. Oh well, I guess we have to do what we have to do. If you have a gas fireplace and like it I'd love to hear your comments.

The weather's been pretty mild over the past few days. We've actually had temps in the 50's which is uncommonly strange for Ohio in Feb. Maybe that Groundhog doesn't know what he was talking about after all.

My dog Dakota had to have emergency surgery the other day for a "Strangulated Hernia". This is the second one he has had in 7 weeks. The first one was found when I took him in to have 3 lumps cut from his stomach area which we thought might be cancerous, but luckily they weren't. When I asked the Doctor why all of a sudden he is getting these he blamed it on the neighbor's Akita which tore him to shreds a few years ago. He thinks his intestinal wall was punctured and weakened at that time. He is 9 years old, but I do hope he's going to stick around awhile longer. I love him to death and he's been a real trooper considering the amount of surgery's he has had to bear in his lifetime. He's my hero. He's recovering nicely.

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Thanks again for joining me.

Warmest Regards,

Merle- Publisher

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1) Marketing News

Search Startup Targets Digital Downloads
------- Adds Auction Component to PPC Program

Ask Jeeves Launches a Blog

Ad Spending on the Rise in 2005

Google Ads Send Profit Up, Shares Soar

Google is Now a Domain Registrar


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2) Feature Article

Why Every Small Business Owner Needs Two Websites

By John Jantsch

Every small business owner knows that they need a
website, right? Well the truth is what they really
need is at least two websites.

One website that is specific to their business,
product, service, name, etc. and...

another site that is an educational site specific
to the benefits of their service or product.

So tells all about the various
lures and tackle you offer, even more about the
charter trips, and eventually how to buy. (your other site) however is
full of informative information, how-to tips, and
resources for avid fisherpersons.

Of course this site also has plenty (but not too
many) of links back to

Here's the deal. Online people don't go out searching
for companies, They go online looking for solutions,
information, answers to life's persistent questions know like what's the best hat to wear cod

Your second website gives them the answer and sends
them to your first site to go shopping.

It really doesn't matter what business you are in.
An investment banking firm can benefit from the
same strategy.

Here's the reason. The major search engines want to
index high quality information. A site about what
a person can buy from you doesn't make that cut but
a site with an article about how to cast in windy
conditions does.

In addition, search engines take a look at sites
that link to you and give your some points for
that. A high quality how to site about fishing
will draw plenty of related links. This will
only help drive that traffic to
even faster.

The cost of putting up a website is so low these
days it's really a crime if you don't come up with
about 10 reasons to have multiple sites.

Think of it this way. You need one site that
presells and one site that sells. If this
strategy even remotely makes sense to you then
there is a book you should read today! It's
called Make Your Site Sell. Go see for yourself.

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant based in
Kansas City, Mo. He writes frequently on real
world small business marketing tactics and is
the creator of Duct Tape Marketing, a turn-key
small business marketing system. Check out his
blog at
or at Copyright 2004 John Jantsch

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3) Net Hot Spots

Becky Hagel Interview

Listen in as the "Crazy WebGuy" interviews Becky
and gains insights into her success online. You'll
learn plenty of tips and resources that make this hour
long interview well worth the listen.


Ebay Pulse

Want to know what's hot on Ebay? Check out
their latest entry "Ebay Pulse". See at a
glance what people are searching for and
what they really want for Christmas.



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4) Sites to Help

Gmail Discussion List

If you use Google's Gmail you might want to subscribe
to their handy dandy discussion lists which discusses
what else, but all things GMail. I've been using Gmail
for a few months now and it's really the best web
based email I've found. If you want an account I
still have a few invites left.


Silvertext PayPal Management System

"SilverText is an online tool designed to safely
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Notification (IPN) System. SilverText offers
PayPal users intelligent reporting and instant
access to customer data anywhere and at anytime."
10 Day F-r-e-e trial 9.95 a month.


Google's Learning Center

"Use Google's free training to sharpen your
AdWords knowledge ..Comprised of concise multimedia
lessons, the training program is self-paced to
match your individual learning needs. Skip, pause,
or end a lesson at any time. In addition, each
lesson includes practice exercises and quizzes
to ensure you master the concepts."


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Protect Your Links

As an Affiliate Marketer, you have probably learned how important it is to protect your links from being bypassed or Hijacked. What if I told you there was a new Affiliate Link Cloaker that will make your life easier, more profitable, increase your click- throughs, and decrease lost commissions dramatically?


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your emails at all? It happens more often than you
might think. Here's a little tip that will insure
your message gets thru if you have a PayPal account.

Log into your account and send an invoice for a
few pennies, for example, 5 cents. In the memo
write out what the problem is and how you think
your emails are being blocked and for them to
check their filters and to whitelist you.

I've tried this and it does work. Since PayPal
sends people money you can bet their emails
are getting thru even if yours isn't.


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5) Site Promotion Software & More


If you need help in coming up with keywords for
your website use WordTracker. They have a limited
trial version that is free so you can get a feel
for what they offer. They also publish a weekly
ezine with the top 500 most frequently searched
words on the web.


Cover Software

Need an ebook cover? Grab this wonderful software
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6) Ebook & Ezine Resources

"Are You an Ezine Publisher"?

Are you tired of constantly looking for new
content for each issue? Search no more. Browse
our huge database of FREE articles written
by some of the Net's Top Experts. Browse
now at....


F-r-e-e Ebooks

Harvey writes excellent ebooks and the best part
is he gives many of them away for free. A short
time ago they were only available in .exe format
but now he has converted these gems to PDF. My
personal favorite. Titles like "101 SuperTips" ,
"Ad Tracking" and "Viral Marketig". Get yours
now before he changes his mind.


Generate Whitelist Instructions

"CleanMyMailbox offers this f-r-e-e tool to generate
these specific instructions on how to whitelist
your publication(s) within a variety of popular
filtering solutions in use today. Simply fill in
and submit the form, and you'll be presented with
the custom HTML code to use in developing your
own customized Whitelisting Instructions web page."
This is great if you publish an ezine and want
to add these instructions to your subscribe page.



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7) Other Valuable Ezines- Ad Swaps

If you would like to swap ads send your ezine information

"Merle's Mission Ezine"

Merle's Mission is published twice a month and is
geared towards webmasters and those who own their
own website. Contains software, free e-books, website
tips and tools, design resources and much more that
will help you build a better website. You'll never
be at a loss for content ideas if you subscribe now!


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Instant Video Generator

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Website Without Expensive Equipment Or Technical
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