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Issue # 125
March 7, 2005

Merle's Cyber Promotions Press Ezine
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"M.C. Promotions Press Ezine-
"Creating Visibility Online For Small Business"

Editor & Publisher: Merle

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Mission Statement:To provide and enlighten small to mid sized business owners with the services/ products and information they need to become successful online.

In This Issue:

=> 1. Marketing News/Resources

=> 2. Feature Article-
"PPC ClickFraud: It's a Bigger Problem then You Think"

=> 3. Net Hot Spots!
=> 4. Sites to Help
=> 5. Site Promotion Software & More
=> 6. E-Books / Ezine Resources
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1) Marketing News

Lycos Buys Search Technology from Ask Jeeves

Netscape Browser Version 8.0

Tough New Penalties on Credit Cards

New AOL Web Mail to Bring Free Service

AOL goes public with local search

Yahoo to Rename Overture

F-r-e-e Credit Reports for All

NYT Buys for $410 Million

Is it too Easy to Find People on Google



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2) Feature Article

"PPC ClickFraud: It's a Bigger Problem then You Think"

By Merle

Pay per click search engine advertising is one of the
most popular ways to promote a website. With Overture
and Google leading the pack, the industry as a whole
has grown immensely in the past few years. According
to a report by PriceWaterHouseCoopers, they estimate
that Internet Advertising brought in more than $9
billion in 2004 alone.

With PPC advertising you choose "keywords/phrases,"
then bid how much you'd like to pay for each click.
When a searcher goes to a search engine and types
in one of your key phrases, your short text ad appears,
and if they click on it your account is then charged.
In a "perfect world" this is the way it would work,
but thanks to unscrupulous people, there's a dirty
little secret known as "click fraud."

Click fraud is simply the act of clicking on ads
for the direct purpose of costing the advertiser
money. It's similar to paying out cash for false
leads. According to, 60% of those
who responded to a survey conducted by the "Search
Engine Professional Organization" had stated that
fraud is a problem when it comes to PPC advertising.

So where does click fraud come from? Well, there
are actually a few different sources:

1) AdSense Users: Google Adsense has a program
called "Adsense" that pays website owners to
run their Adwords ads and compensates them per
click. Google does monitor this and it's against
their terms of service to click on any of the
ads on your own site. If they find a publishers
doing this, they will lose their accounts, but
some may still be clicking under the radar.

2) Your Competitors: Your competitors could be
clicking on your ads over a period of several
days in order to deplete your ad budget.

3) Software: There are those who use automated
clicking tools, such as robot programs, to
click on PPC listings.

In some Asian countries, people are often paid to
click on PPC ads for hours. Many don't know why
they do it, and don't care, only that they'll be
well rewarded for their efforts. If you do a search
on any search engine you'll see plenty of sites
looking to hire people for just this purpose. For
more on this see...

Most PPC networks have measures in place to protect
you against click fraud. Overture tracks more than
50 data points, including IP addresses, browser info,
users' session info and what they call "pattern
recognition." They have a "proprietary system" in
place for detecting fraud and a specialized team
that monitors things and works with the advertisers
to stop it.

Google offers suggestions to avoid click thru fraud,
such as "using negative keywords" to keep your ads
from showing up for products and services that are
unrelated. They also suggest adding tracking url's
to your links so you can track the traffic coming
from Google. An easy way to do this is to add a ?
to your links along with the identifier. For example,
a tracking link to identify Google would look like

If you go through your log files, you'll be able to
see your Google traffic at a glance.

If you suspect fraud, Google asks that you contact
them right away, as they have a team of researchers
that will investigate. They also take action to block
future impressions from anyone they identify as
committing click fraud. Like Overture, they also have
"proprietary technology" that distinguishes between
normal clicks and invalid ones. Google never bills
you for any "bad clicks" that are caught by their

So what's an honest website owner to do? You need
to be alert to any "suspicious activity" by
researching your server logs or stats. If you're
experiencing a lot of clicks and no sales you'll
also want to take a closer look. You need to watch
for any spikes in traffic, usually on one keyword
or phrase and coming from only one PPC source. You
need to measure and track all of your PPC accounts

If this sounds like too much work, you may want to
look at an outside service to take care of it for
you. A variety of new services have opened recently
to help combat the click fraud problem.

1) Keyword Max:

Offers up a service called "Click Auditor," which
monitors the activity on your PPC accounts and
alerts you to any suspicious activity. You can
request a free demo at the site.

2) Click Detective:

A website monitoring service that uses sophisticated
tracking mechanisms to determine whether "visitor
behavior" is normal or not. Offering a 15 day free
trial. Easy to use, you just copy and paste a snippet
of code on your page and add a campaign ID by logging
into your account.

3) Click Assurance:

An Internet Security Firm that specializes in click
fraud. They will audit your PPC accounts and go
after any refunds you are due because of fraud.

4) Who's Clicking Who:

An independent auditing service that tracks individual
users for fraud. Can also detect abuse coming from
proxy servers. A one month subscription is
$79.00, which includes free installation and up to
50,000 transactions per month.

5) ClickLab:

This service isolates bad clicks with a scorecard
based detection system. Pricing starts at $50.00
per month and is based on the number of sites you
need to track and their page views.

ClickLab also has a nice white paper you should
download while visiting: "How to Defend Your Website
Against Click Fraud."

Click fraud isn't going away anytime soon. If
anything, it will probably get worse before it
get's any better. It's up to you as a vigilant
website owner to do what you can to keep your
PPC advertising costs down. You can't stop it,
but with the right tracking in place, it can be
managed and controlled, and hopefully kept to a


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3) Net Hot Spots

Feed Vallidator

If you're new to RSS and you've just created your
very own RSS feed you'll want to run it thru this
online handy dandy Vallidator to make sure you have
formatted it correctly.


Amazon Prime

Amazon has launched a shipping membership club
where you pay a one time fee and get free 3 day
shipping on all of your future orders for a year.
79.00 a year to join.



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4) Sites to Help

Over 125 Link Building Strategies

If you're trying to place with the search engines you
need to get a good linking campaign in place. If
you don't have incoming links to your site you're
dead before you get started. This is an excellent
article that will help you get set up in the linking
department. If you don't want to read it online you
can also download it as an ebook for f-r-e-e.


Blog Explosion

What good is having a Blog if no one sees it. Finally
a traffic exchange program just for Bloggers. You
sign up you visit Blogs of interest and earn credits
so others will visit your Blog. It's a win win situation.
You get to read Blogs on topics that interest you and
earn traffic credits so others will visit your Blog all
at the same time.



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Protect Your Links

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5) Site Promotion Software & More

Speedo Froogle Feed

"It's never been easier to submit your products
to Froogle! No more spreadsheets. You don't need
to own or learn Excel or an FTP program to quickly
submit your items. The Product Wizard with detailed
explanations walks you through adding your product
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6) Ebook & Ezine Resources

"Are You an Ezine Publisher"?

Are you tired of constantly looking for new
content for each issue? Search no more. Browse
our huge database of FREE articles written
by some of the Net's Top Experts. Browse
now at....


Get Started With RSS

A free guide in PDF format that will get you
started with the ins and outs of RSS. This free
report was written by Rok Hrastnik, the author
of the most respected guide on RSS for marketers,
Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS.


Mine-Site Secrets

Jeanette Cates Grills Jim Edwards For His "Mini-Site
Secrets!" Listen to the taped show or download the



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7) Other Valuable Ezines- Ad Swaps

If you would like to swap ads send your ezine information

"Merle's Mission Ezine"

Merle's Mission is published twice a month and is
geared towards webmasters and those who own their
own website. Contains software, free e-books, website
tips and tools, design resources and much more that
will help you build a better website. You'll never
be at a loss for content ideas if you subscribe now!


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