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M.C. Promotions Press Ezine is sent out twice a month featuring tips, tools, links, and marketing Subscribe to M.C. Promotions Pressand promotion articles that will help you master the art and science of Internet Web Site Promotion. Containing the HOTTEST Marketing Techniques, traffic generators, SECRETS of search engines and much more. If you want more traffic and are trying to create an online presence, this ezine is for you!

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"You've been more than kind to me, offering great advice and first-hand assistance in promoting my online presence. Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your input -- you are obviously an Internet "pro" who knows what she's doing and how to be successful on the web. You are one of the "rare finds" on the Web, Merle.

I first started reading your articles a few months ago via Yahoo aabusiness. You really know how to pack practical, quality content into each article. Your article, "The Absolute Best and Brightest Ezines Online Today" (10/29/02) is a perfect example of your great writing style and content-filled offerings.

In this article you provide a wealth of information that someone new to the Internet (like myself) can benefit from greatly. So many articles are written simple to toot the author's own horn. Here, you tell people about tremendous resources that would take months, even years to find out about. (It was in this article I found out about -- wow, what a site!)

I've personally check out every ezine you mention in this article. And every one of these ezines (and their related websites) are by far the best web resources I've seen. Ezine publishers and other web-based content providers need to know this simple fact: if you're looking for an Internet authority who can give you awesome content over and over again, Merle's the one!"

-- Wayne M. Davies, author, The Tax Reduction Toolkit

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Current Issues for 2007

Jan 7, 2007- "How To Turn Your Web Sales Letter Into A 'Cash Cow' That Generates More Revenue Than You Ever Thought Possible"

Feb 7, 2007- "Google Adwords Ads- "Making an Impact in a Small Space"

March 7, 2007- "Yahoo Search Marketing Gets a Long Overdue Update: "Panama"

April 15, 2007- "Paying for Clicks with Google"


Issues for 2005

Jan 7, 2005-"Advertising: Coming Soon to a Blog/RSS Feed Near You"

Jan 23, 2005- "Put Your Web Biz on Autopilot with Autoresponders"

Feb 7, 2005- "Why Every Small Business Owner Needs Two Websites"

March 7, 2005- "PPC ClickFraud: It's a Bigger Problem then You Think"

March 23, 2005- "Essential Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Needs"

April 7, 2005- "Do You Know How to Pod?"

May 23, 2005- "Have You Considered Outsourcing?"

June 23, 2005- "A Simple Secret To Seducing The Search Engines"

July 7, 2005- "So You Want to be a "Google Advertising Professional"

Aug 7, 2005- "Easy Clickbank Management with the Right Tools"

Sept 23, 2005- "Ask Jeeves Not to be Left Behind in Pay Per Click Race"

Oct 23, 2005- Yahoo Publisher Network: Another Way to Have Your Website Earn Its Keep

Nov 7, 2005- "Reaching Your Customers in the Most Unexpected Places"

Nov 23, 2005- Google's Site Targeting: "Giving Control Back to the Advertiser"

Dec 7, 2005- Online Marketers Join Together for First "Web Content Awareness Day"

2004 Archives

Issues 2008

Jan 7, 2008- "I'm Back"

Feb 10, 2008- "Brrrrr, It's Cold"

March 10, 2008- “Forum Posting to Generate Traffic"

April 14, 2008- "Marketing Plans for Success"


Issues 2006

Jan 7, 2006- "Search Engine Optimization"

Feb 7, 2006- "WebContent Awareness Day

March 7, 2006- "The New Kid in Town": MSN AdCenter

March 23, 2006- "Yahoo Search Marketing Offers Service for Travel Vendors"

April 23, 2006- "How to Protect Your Digital Downloads from Thieves"

May 23, 2006- Linking Strategies: "To Buy or not to Buy, That is the Question"

July 7, 2006- "Google Brings "Commercials" to the Web with Video Ads"