These are actual email testimonials I have received from subscribers of
M.C. Promotions Press Ezine:Real Emails From Some of my Subscribers


Dear Merle,

"Hello Paul Darby here. I recently ran an ad in your ezine as I do many ezines and quite frankly the only reason I read yours was to check on the ad copy. I was in for a shock! An ezine with great info and resources.. and very interesting to boot! you have created a very good ezine here.

I'm so glad I ran two ads in your ezine as I would have missed seeing what a great resource you have created for those of us who devote time and energy on the net!!!

I can't wait to see the ad results I get with you, as I am certain that with the quality of what I see, I am sure that many people thoroughly enjoy devouring each issue you send. I will also recommend your ezine as one to advertise in to my clients and friends.

Great work - keep me on your subscription list - Please!"

Paul Darby BSN, CFT
President of Unimax Services Corporation



" I always look forward to your newsletters. I only wish I could think of something more original to say. Please feel free to use this testimonial."

MC Promotions Ezine is one of those rare ezines that actually lives up to expectations - it is long on useful information and short on hype. It is one of the very few that I look forward to reading."

R. Lovelace



"Yours is one of the few ezines that I always read -others just provide affiliate links in a "buy because I get paid" mode. Your links to tools keep us up to speed with breaking news and links to real solutions.

Its an "always read"

Paul Easton


Hi, Merle.

I love your ezine! You are very entertaining, knowledgeable, and professional in an approachable way (?!). I love hearing about the boys and bf. You're a real person - that's what I like! Keep 'em coming.

Rita Ballard,


"Hi Merle,

I subscribe to dozens of marketing newsletter and yours is consistently one of the best! I often forward the rich content you provide, and I have you listed in our Marketing Resource Center.In appreciation for all you do."

WOW Hostess, Coach and Muse


"What you write is the most competent, clear and helpful information that I receive in my email, always served up with a touch of humor and personality."



"Merle, how many times have you seen testimonials that say "blah blah is one of the few newsletters I actually read" ... Do you wonder, sometimes, if it's just hyped up, butt kissing, B.S. ... or the truth? The M.C.P.P.E. is one of the few newsletters I
actually read ... believe it."Subscribe to M.C. Promotions Press Ezine

Mike Merz
The IM4Newbies Forum

"As the Editor of the online "The Beauty Newsletter", I'm always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to expand my magazine's readership. A lot promise, few deliver. One of the few I count on is Merle's 'M.C. Promotions Press Ezine'. In every issue, I'm guaranteed at least one, if not more words of advice, article or link that goes far to help my online business.

Thanks Merle, for making your ezine one of the few I actually look forward to getting. "

Elke Von Freudenberg, Editor
The Beauty Newsletter


Hello Merle! First of all, I want to thank you for changing my life. Your newsletters are very inspiring and your e-books contain some very helpful stuff.

Wishing you more success!
Michael Lee


"Hi Merle, I love the newsletter!! Finally one worth subscribing to! Thank You. I read
the article "Is Your Copy Upside Down?" Merle, this article alone probably saved me loads of cash! Back to the drawing board."

To your success,
Shukree Abuwi

"Merle, I subscribe to a lot of ezines. And I find that I rarely get around to reading most of them. But yours is different -- and I think it's because you let your unique personality shine through. It's refreshing to get such an informative publication from a 'real' person -- you tell the readers what's really going on in your life, and that just makes it all that more interesting.

The content is great, too. The 8-7-03 issue had an article, "To Grow Your List Feed and Water It Daily." This article contained a wealth of information, concisely presented, easy to read yet packed with great advice. What else can I say? You are a master communicator of valuable Internet marketing information. Thanks, Merle."

Wayne M. Davies, author, The Tax Reduction Toolkit


"Truly the most power packed newsletter I receive. The most informative of 100+ newsletter and forum emails I receive.

You see there is a problem with most newsletters: Most marketers are scared! They are scared to link to other sites and let you get away from what is most important to them, their marketing. Merle seems more interested in delivering heavy duty content and what is important to you, current developments and the latest content laden sites.

I sometimes have to put off reading Merle's newsletter because it is so laden with links to site's offering so much that I have to a lot it it's own morning just to digest what is at the other end."

Chris Lang


Hello Merle,

"I'm one of your subscribers and want to let you know how I enjoy receiving your ezine. I have received a lot out of it and rate it as one of the best on the Net."

Tony Dezenzio


"We have been reading your newsletter and really enjoy the content.The information you provide is very helpful and saves us hours of search time. We want to applaud your efforts and encourage you to keep up the good work.

Ken Hylton
Hylton Enterprises

"I'm new to all this stuff, and I enjoyed your first newsletter. I want to commend you on your courage to embark on this journey, and I look forward to reading future issues. I am entering into net marketing, and I have a lot to learn so I will enjoy advertising with you (as soon as I figure out what I want to say) and watching you grow."

Cookie Cutter

"I've just finished reading your newsletter and I must say I  found it very refreshing. I have been on the Internet now for some three years and receive a lot of newsletters from all sorts of people /company's / etc, but I find yours like a breath of fresh air. It's well written and well laid out, I like it. "

"The reason I have taken so long on the Internet and as of yet not used it to promote any product etc, is that I've been looking and learning until I found the right product and the right way to market it when It's found. I think I'm there now with a new company called DreamCars 2000.  Your advice in your Ezine will help me get started correctly. Thank you again for your mailing."


"Have you sent any newsletters in the last month? If you have I didn't get the. Yours is the only one I am excited to get. Please check and resend if needed."


"I have been a subscriber of Merle's Cyber Promotions Press for quite a while now. I signed-up after reading one of her excellent articles on Sitepoint (I think). And she still continues to write great articles, so I continue to be a subscriber!

"I even wrote an article myself about the need to learn from others, via websites and e-zines (newsletters) - and
Merle's Cyber Promotions Press was one of the few newsletters I recommended.

"Quite simply, Merle's Cyber Promotions Press is always a good read!"

Steve Nash

Hi Merle;

"As usual your e-zine and it's contents leave me wanting more. Yeh, I like it but I want more of you in it! I wish you enough..."

Fred Long

"You've been more than kind to me, offering great advice and first-hand assistance in promoting my online presence. Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your input -- you are obviously an Internet "pro" who knows what she's doing and how to be successful on the web. You are one of the "rare finds" on the Web, Merle.

I first started reading your articles a few months ago via Yahoo aabusiness. You really know how to pack practical, quality content into each article. Your article, "The Absolute Best and Brightest Ezines Online Today" (10/29/02) is a perfect example of your great writing style and content-filled offerings.

In this article you provide a wealth of information that someone new to the Internet (like myself) can benefit from greatly. So many articles are written simple to toot the author's own horn. Here, you tell people about tremendous resources that would take months, even years to find out about. (It was in this article I found out about -- wow, what a site!)

I've personally check out every ezine you mention in this article. And every one of these ezines (and their related websites) are by far the best web resources I've seen.

Ezine publishers and other web-based content providers need to know this simple fact: if you're looking for an Internet authority who can give you awesome content over and over again, Merle's the one!"

-- Wayne M. Davies, author, The Tax Reduction Toolkit

Hi Merle:

"I'm one of your many subscribers to M.C. Promotions Press and now Merles World. I thoroughly enjoy the Press, and have just subscribed to Merles World, which I will most likely enjoy just as much..".

Yours Sincerely,

Hi, Merle,

"Loved your latest issue! I usually don't have time to read every ezine I sub to but yours grabbed me by the eyeballs & WOW.... I didn't know that jerks could do that. Now I will have something else to surround myself with a protective mantle over. ;-) I'm glad you knew how to fight back."

Thanks again for a great ezine!

Donna Maher

Hi, Merle! ;)

"Publishers Avoiding the Filtering Traps" is an excellent article,in reference to both content and resources ... top notch. In fact, the entire newsletter (M.C. Promotions Press Ezine) was a winner, from start to finish. But then again ... what did I expect? ;) Keep pumpin' out the good stuff, my friend!"

Mike Merz
Internet Marketing For Newbies Forum

Hi Merle,

"I've been subscribing to your ezine for a month or so now, and was already thinking that it stood head and shoulders above most of the 'zines I've been picking up recently, but hadn't thought to comment on it until I saw your request for testimonials.

Unlike many free ezines published by people who really should know better, M.C Promotions has the right balance of hard facts and the personal touch that makes it human alongside evenly sprinkled ads that help it survive. All those things combined make it the perfect "dip-in" for both new and not-so new-webmasters!"

Erika Lawal

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