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Free Ebooks on Internet Marketing & Promotion

Here you'll find ebooks on various online marketing, promotion, and search engine optimization techniques. Many were written by various expert marketers and I've included only the "cream of the crop". You'll even find some of mine.

Feel free to download them, and if you like them give them away from your own site or to your ezine subscribers. You can really learn a lot by studying the "masters" and the cost of your education "free". Now how can you beat that?

Right click on each download link to save to your hard drive or click on the link to have the ebook open in your browser. To save to your hard drive right click on the download link and select "save target as".

“The Top 10 Words that Say Buy and Why They Work”- This 17 page free ebook tells you the magic words that motivate people to want to buy something.


make money online by jimmy d brownBy Jimmy D Brown a Master affiliate marketer. Jimmy takes you by the hand and shows you ten methods of generating an online income. At 30 pages this is a meaty report with some very valuable information.




Download it in PDF Format


how to get more website trafficSpecial reports by Joel Osborne that will teach you simple strategies for getting more website traffic. 3 reports on link building, social marketing and quick and easy marketing tips. Download is zip format.





"My BlogLog Traffic Secrets"

A 19 page gide on how to use MyBlogLog to generate traffic to your Blog or website.

Download it in PDF format now

"HyperVRE Case Study Report- Niche Sites and Adsense"

Adsense Advantage Free ReportMatt Callen, a very popular online marketer and Abhishek Agarwal, have put together a 47 page fr-ee report that you've just got to see. If you build niche sites and use Adsense Ads on them to generate income you'll find the
information here very valuable. Abhishek earns hundreds of dollars a month from Adsense and this report outlines exactly how he does it.

Download it in PDF format now


Free $67.00 Value
"The Twitter Report"

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"The Twitter Report"
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twitter ebook
To get your FREE copy of this special report, a $67 value, just click the link below:

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"From eBay Zero To eBay Hero"
By Mike Enos

Claim Your Free 50 Page Training Manual And Learn How You Can Quickly Start & Grow Your Own Home Based eBay Business. Not just another ebook on Ebay, Mike is an expert at selling in this market place.

Download it in PDF format now


"How the FTC Can Destroy Your Online Business"
By Michael Young

Free Guide For Online Businesses In PDF format. At 40 pages it's loaded with helpful information on topics that will keep you out of trouble with the FTC if you're running an online biz. Written by Michael Young an Attorney and Counselor at Law.

Download it in PDF format now

"2007 Wisdom Report"
from MarketingSherpaMarketing Wisdom for 2007- Special Report

Features 110 real-life tips and stories from marketers such as yourself. Published yearly and jam packed with helpful information.

Download it in PDF format now

"The Death of the SalesLetter"
By Michael Fortin

This 52 page report written by who I consider to be the "Godfather" of copywriting Mr. Fortin himself is loaded with excellent information. It contains his take on the future of online copy and the effects of Web 2.0. It's filled with test results and research, ideas of where he thinks we're headed. He also includes some tips on how to improve your copy.

Download it in PDF format now


"Adsense Search Engine Optimization"
By Jonathan Leger

"The tutorial is a 29 page ebook that outlines all of the methods Jonathan uses to rank his sites in top positions for the keywords he targets. It's the study of a real-world example of how he ranked one of his sites in the #1 and #2 positions for its keywords. The ebook will take you step-by-step through selecting keywords to target for your site, analyzing the competition for those keywords, performing the necessary on-page optimization for your site, and automating the collection of in-bound links to your pages."

Download it in PDF format now


"The 5 Critical Elements to Creating a 6-Figure Income Online"
By Damon Zahariades

Business building components your business needs to survive and grow. 19 pages of great information by someone who really knows what he's talking about.

Download in PDF Format


Marketing Wisdom for 2006
By MarketingSherpa

Download this PDF ebook from MarketingSherpa and get advice from 110 organizations who contributed their marketing test results and the lessons they have learned along the way. 48 pages of solid info.

Download in PDF Format


"Are You Content With Your Content"
By Dina Giolitto

Free ebook from Dina Giolitto of -Let her give you some free tips and valuable advice as to how to use your articles and ezines to your ultimate online advantage.

Download in PDF Format


"SEO Predictions"
By Jeff Dedrick Search Engine Optimization

A free report in PDF format that will enlighten you as to what the search engines have in store for you this year. Various search engine optimizers give you their thoughts and predictions so you'll be ahead of the SEO game, not running to catch up.

Download in PDF Format


Inside an Event
By Dina Giolitto

Dina does it again in this 19 page PDF ebook where she shows you how to leverage the power of networking to create a buzz for your biz on a shoestring budget. Dina speaks from experience as this is what she did to promote her "Web Content Awareness Day."

Download in PDF Format


"The new rules of PR: How to Create a Press Release Strategy for Reaching Buyers Directly"
By David Meerman Scott

21 pages of solid information that explains how the web has changed the way press releases are distributed and used. Find out the "new rules" you'll need to know if you plan on using press releases in your online business.

Download in PDF Format


"Google Adwords Made Easy"
By Brad CallenGoogle Adwords Made Easy Ebook

"A comprehensive, 84 page guide on how to profit with the Google Adwords system. Not only will this course teach you exactly what you need to know to make Adwords work for you... but it's more comprehensive then most of the paid courses being offered online today. High Quality information."

Download in PDF Format


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