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Issue # 122
Jan 7, 2005

Merle's Cyber Promotions Press Ezine
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"M.C. Promotions Press Ezine-
"Creating Visibility Online For Small Business"

Editor & Publisher: Merle

""Me, Ambivalent? Well, yes and no."

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Mission Statement:To provide and enlighten small to mid sized business owners with the services/ products and information they need to become successful online.

In This Issue:

=> 1. Marketing News/Resources

=> 2. Feature Article- "Advertis!ng: Coming Soon
to a Blog/RSS Feed Near You"

=> 3. Net Hot Spots!
=> 4. Sites to Help
=> 5. Site Promotion Software & More
=> 6. E-Books / Ezine Resources
=> 7. Other Valuable Ezines
=> 8. Subscribe/Unsubscribe Information

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Note From Merle:

Hi Kids,

I woke up to a lot of snow this morning. Living here in Ohio you really never know what to expect. That can be a good or a bad thing if you don't like surprises. There was no snow in sight when I fell asleep last night but"Old Man Winter" snuck in and delivered a few inches of fun. Aren't we lucky? I guess if you like to ski this would be a good thing but since I don't and feel cold when the temperature goes below 60 degrees, it's not.

Did you realize this is the very first issue in the brand new year? 2005, where did that come from? Want to hear how I started out the new year? On New Year's Eve I started feeling ill, sore throat and just a general feeling of crap. I spent New Year's Eve night in bed watching TV if that gives you any idea of the partying mood I was in.

The next day I realized I had the deadly disease known as "the flu". The next 6 days were spent in bed feeling like death was soon to befall me. OK, maybe that's a bit theatrical but I still felt terrible. There was a good side to the whole experience. My "Significnt Other" Jim, took pretty good care of me making tea and meals as needed. Now he's no replacement for my Mother but since she seems to be unavailable to me now as a grown up I guess I had to make due.

Yesterday was my first day of feeling 85% normal and I actually ventured out of the house. I did what any woman would do who had spent the last 6 days flat on her back, went shopping. There are some great clearance deals to be had at the stores right now and I always find shopping so therapeutic. I think it was just what the Doctor ordered. Granted I'm still not 100% a bit congested and a little tired still but I'm vertical and that's a good thing.

Since my PC is right next to my bed (due to the fire we had, my real office is still unavailable) I did get caught up on some paperwork and actually finished an ebook that I will be offering for sale soon. I'm having it edited right now so you don't think I can't spell. Anyone who writes needs an editor and I'm lucky to have one. She makes me look good and looking good in print is so important. You wouldn't belive how the typo and Grammar Police come out to attack you when they find an error. I think these people took English class a little too seriously. Prozac may be in order.

Anyway, to create the ebook combed thru past issues of this ezine for the very best marketing resources and compiled them into a 60 page ebook. This is something anyone who markets online will want to keep close by. It's going to be inexpensive, under 20.00 in PDF format and I'll let you know when you can get a copy for yourself.

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Now you can have your very own MC toolbar that comes complete with an RSS feed of this ezine in it. Very cool and if you like it go make one for your own site. It's absolutely f-r-e-e.

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Thanks again for joining me.

Warmest Regards,

Merle- Publisher

Discussion Question of the Week:

"Everyone makes resolutions for the new year. What are your 2005 Resolutions?"

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1) Marketing News

Intuit Offers Free Online Tax Service

Canada Weighs Banning Internet Drug Sales

Monster Goes Local

Google Affiliate Link Policy Change

Sp.m King In Spyware Truce with FTC

Fact Sheet: How to Help Tsunami Disaster Victims

E-Mail 2004: Year in Review and a Look Ahead to 2005

Google Interviewed by 60 Minutes



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2) Feature Article


"Advertising: Coming Soon to a Blog/RSS Feed Near You"

By Merle

Advertising has always been part of our society.
Online it's no different, and the number of ad
options seems to increase daily. The latest target
of advertisers is Blogs/RSS.

A Blog is similar to an online journal where daily or
weekly rantings by the publisher are posted. RSS
stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is a
way to distribute your Blog or Web page updates
via the Internet. Anyone can subscribe to your
RSS feed, which they'll do using a "news reader,"
and be notified of any new updates or postings.

This new type of advertising is still growing
and evolving and the majority of ads being served
are not graphical but text-based in nature.
Advertising in Blogs and feeds has a slow
growth area, as Blogs still have not reached the
mainstream, primarily due to the fact that readers
are not yet included within a browser's interface.
In the future, browsers will come with this option
built in.

One difficulty with RSS feed advertising is the
number of different software packages (news
readers) available. Instead of one or two
standards, there are hundreds of options to choose

As a publisher, you can earn cash by selling
ads on your Blog yourself, or you can use a
third party ad service and run their ads
on your site.

So what are some of the benefits to Blog/RSS
advertising? Well, unlike email ads, there is
no problem with filtering/blocking and this
format is 100% opt-in, so delivery of your
messages is assured with no S-p-a-m complaints.
You're also not competing for attention with
hundreds of other messages in an already over
crowded inbox of the end user.

Let's take a look at some of the options
and trendsetters in this new advertising arena.

1) Simple Ad Feed Management & Server:

Service that allows you to place ads into your
RSS or Atom feeds. Easy to use turnkey system,
they have a large pool of advertisers or you
can send your own advertisers to sign up thru
their site. All ad activity is trackable and
reports can be generated showing click thrus
and ad views.

2) TypePad:

An online Blogging service starting out at
only 4.95 a month. Typedpad has recently
partnered with Kanoodle to integrate their
contextual ads into their Blogs. This is an
add on option for users and is not mandatory
or forced on subscribers.

3) Blogger:

Owned by Google, this free online Blog service
allows its users to sign up for their AdSense
Program. By displaying their contextual ads
on your Blog, you'll be paid for every click
thru. For more on Adsense see

4) Overture:

Overture has partnered with
to deliver ads into several feeds, including Overture's
contextual ad technology is relying on
Feedburner's processing expertise for help
in delivering the ads.

5) Feedster:

Feedster has started placing sponsored links in
their feeds and recently started offering
Kanoodle's context ads. Users of Feedster who
want "ad free feeds" will have to pay an
annual fee.

6) MoreOver:

Moreover can deliver ads thru RSS, but the
publishers don't make the money; Moreover
does. To see a listing of their free RSS
news feeds, go to

They also offer free "ad supported feeds"
that non-commercial websites can display
on their websites. For more see


A free ad network for Bloggers to promote
their Blogs via other users Blogs. You can
create your own ad that is rotated across
their ad network.

8) :

BurstMedia recently launched their own Blog
advertising service. Currently they have over
22 Blogs in their network that all together
generate over 9 million pageviews a month.
Advertisers can choose to target by location
or content.

Anytime you see the Net's "Big Boys" involved
in a new technology, you can bet there's money
to be made. Blogging and RSS feeds advertising
is indeed the wave of the future, so if you don't
want to be left behind, catch a ride while
there's still room on this trendsetter train.

By Merle- offers a F-r-e-e
ebook and an e-course that will teach you how to
promote and market your website. Grab your copy
now by going to

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3) Net Hot Spots

Bloggie Awards

So who writes your favorite Blog? Time is running
out to submit the Blog you think is the cream of
the crop for this year's Blog Award......Hurry
they're only taking submissions thru Jan 10th.


Google Sponsored Links

This is a cool new tool by Google that allows you
to type in a key word or phrase and see all of the
AdWords Ads for that phrase or word. Finally a way
to search Google and see what types of ads are
running and by whom. Don't be fooled when you
visit the page it doesn't look like much but if
you type in some words in search all of the ads
being run on Google will be revealed to you.


Web Ranking Tool

A handy online tool that will give you your site's
PR, It's Alexa Ranking and how many backlinks it
has listed with Yahoo.




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4) Sites to Help

F-R-E-E Tax Returns

Snap Tax F-r-e-e Tax returns offered by Intuit at this site
but not until mid Jan. Take note this is only for those of
you who file simple tax returns, no Schedule C's please.


Google SMS

If you have a cell phone you have to try this
search service from Google. It's easy to get
precise answers to specialized queries from
your mobile phone or device. Send your query
as a text message and get phone book listings,
dictionary definitions, product prices and
more. Just text. No links- You must have text
messaging enabled on your phone for this to
work. This is a great way to find the closest
pizza shop or drug store when you're on the
road. Leave it to Google.


Hotsellers on Ebay

Looking for a product to sell on Ebay? It might
help if you knew what the hot sellers were.
Well, with the help of Ebay, now you can.
From cell phones to video games it's all here.



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Instant Video Generator

Want To Instantly Add Streaming Video To Your Website Without Expensive Equipment Or Technical Know-How? It's easier to do then you think.


**** QUICK TIP***

Copyright Dates on a Web Page

Don't you hate going in and manually changing the
copyright dates on your webpages? Add this script
to your SHTML pages and the server will update
your pages automatically at the start of the new

Here's the code.

Copyright 2003-<!--#config timefmt="%Y"--><!--#echo var="DATE_GMT"-->

The above will display this on your pages:Copyright 2003-2005


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5) Site Promotion Software & More

Profit Calc

Ebay Sellers keep track of all your auction
costs all in one place. Maximize your profits
and cut down on your expenses.


The Ultimate Keyword Tool

"Amazing 'Magic Formula' Built Inside New
Software Reveals Thousands Of Highly Profitable
Niche Keywords In The Blink Of An Eye... Then,
...Tells You Which Ones Will Pull In The Most Cash.


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"Another Great Service from John Reese"

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6) Ebook & Ezine Resources


Jim Edwards F-R-E-E Ebook

"2005 Predictions & State of the Internet"
Address -PDF Ebook on what Jim feels
the new year will bring.


"Are You an Ezine Publisher"?

Are you tired of constantly looking for new
content for each issue? Search no more. Browse
our huge database of FREE articles written
by some of the Net's Top Experts. Browse
now at....



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7) Other Valuable Ezines- Ad Swaps

If you would like to swap ads send your ezine information

"Merle's Mission Ezine"

Merle's Mission is published twice a month and is
geared towards webmasters and those who own their
own website. Contains software, free e-books, website
tips and tools, design resources and much more that
will help you build a better website. You'll never
be at a loss for content ideas if you subscribe now!


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