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Issue # 126
March 23, 2005

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"M.C. Promotions Press Ezine-
"Creating Visibility Online For Small Business"

Editor & Publisher: Merle

""Multitasking = screwing up several things at once."

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Mission Statement:To provide and enlighten small to mid sized business owners with the services/ products and information they need to become successful online.

In This Issue:

=> 1. Marketing News/Resources

=> 2. Feature Article-"Essential Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Needs"

=> 3. Net Hot Spots!
=> 4. Sites to Help
=> 5. Site Promotion Software & More
=> 6. E-Books / Ezine Resources
=> 7. Other Valuable Ezines
=> 8. Subscribe/Unsubscribe Information

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Note From Merle:

Hi Kids,

Another day, another dollar. Rise and shine it's Wednesday. Some refer to it as "hump day" as the middle of the week has arrived and the weekend is just around the bend.

If you haven't picked up my latest ebook please do. I promise you you're going to love it and will be amazed at the quality of the resources I've included. Besides that for a good reason I need your support. If you've been a subscriber for any length of time and enjoy this rag this is a way for you to give something back. And we all know that giving is such a good feeling, right? So come on, I'm waiting.....

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Thanks again for joining me.

Warmest Regards,

Merle- Publisher

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1) Marketing News

Yahoo Fires Back at Google

Tips for Great Sales Letters

MSN's New Paid Listings Program
IAC to buy Ask Jeeves

AdSense Adds New Features

Top 14 Search Engine Marketing Mistakes



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2) Feature Article

"Essential Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Needs"

By Merle

Are you an online entrepreneur? If you make your
income or part of your income on the Internet,
you most definitely are. With more and more people
earning an income online,many tools and software
have been created to help them with their online
business chores.

If you know about these tools, they can make your
life as an "online warrior" a lot easier. There's
a lot of work involved with running your own
Internet business. You need to wear many different
hats and be at least slightly skilled in many

Let's take a look at some of the resources you
should have in your "Entrepreneur Toolbox."

1) Websites: The structure and design of your
site is very important. It needs to look "clean"
and professional. You can use software to create
your site from scratch, pay someone else, or
use an online template.

A) Some resources for learning HTML:

Dave's HTML Guide:

HTML Goodies

W3 Schools- Online Tutorials

B) For Templates, see:

Template Monster

Basic Templates

C) For Software, some free:

The Free Site

A handy tool to check your website for broken
links online:

To make sure you haven't created an overblown site
that takes forever to download, use this online tester:

2) Utility Programs: There are a few basic utilities
you'll need to have on hand for everyday tasks. These
include a good FTP program for uploading your files
to your web server and a program to zip and unzip
files. You'll need to zip files when they are large,
to compress them for Internet downloading.

Check out:



Zip It Fast:

3) Email: As your business grows you'll come to
rely on email as your primary means of communication.
The most common email programs are Outlook and Outlook
Express which come standard with Windows, and Eudora,
which many power users prefer:


Whatever you use for an email client make sure you're
familiar with how it works, and how to create folders
and autoresponders. With today's spam problem, you'll
have to use a good filtering program, such as:

or a third party service like:

4) Mailing List Management: Any website owner worth
his salt knows the importance of collecting visitors'
email addresses. It doesn't matter if you'll be sending
out a monthly newsletter or just periodic site updates,
you need software that's up for the task. Make sure
whatever you use is capable of handling multiple
lists, as when your online business grows you may
need to keep lists for different things. For example,
you might have one for those who like to swap ezine
ads with you, one for those who have expressed an
interest in advertising with you, etc.Here are a
few great resources:

Groupmail: (the one I use)

Subscribe Me:

Here's a list of some others:

With everyone using filters on email these days
make sure you download this program that checks
your email for "trigger words" and improves your
chances of making it through to the inbox. It's
called Email Advisor

5) Graphics Program: You'll find you need graphics
for many of your online activities. Maybe for your
website, a banner for an exchange, a cover for
an ebook, etc. The two most popular online today
are Photoshop and Paintshop

If you don't want to part with your cash, there
is a free one:

When you create your fancy graphics, do make sure that
they aren't too large and cause delay in downloading.
You want them tight and compressed. Run them through
an online check at Spinwave:

6) Autoresponders: An autoresponder works much like
Fax on Demand and automatically replies to any email
sent to it with a pre-formatted message. For example
you might have a "thanks for emailing me" response
that replies to all incoming messages or you might
want to set one up for "price lists," "product
information," "advertising rates," etc. Autoresponders
are very powerful and can help to automate many
aspects of your daily email chores. You can use
a third party service, or install software on your
server, or configure them from within your email
client itself.

Get Response:

7) Online Payments: If you're going to be doing
business online, you'll need to be able to accept
online payments. If you don't want the expense
of a merchant account there are plenty of other
inexpensive third party services you can use.

2 CheckOut:

8) PDF Software: If you want to offer downloadable
documents from your website or create and sell
ebooks or reports, you'll need a way to convert
Word and text documents to PDF. There are many
other options besides Adobe:

PDF Moto:

9) Ebook Creators: Ebooks are very popular
and can be sold or given away for free.
If you give them away, they become very powerful
viral marketing tools that can generate a consistent
traffic flow to your site. If sold, they can produce
a nice income for you. Most ebooks come in PDF
(portable document format) or .exe. To create an
.exe format you'll need what's called a compiler.

HTML Executable:
Ebook Generator:
Ebooks Writer:

Nice directions on how to create PDF Ebooks:

For professional ebook covers see:
Cover Software
Ebook on Making Covers:

10) Virus/Firewall Protection: It's a dangerous world
online and you need to protect yourself from the "bad
guys" who create and send out viruses. You'll need
to install a good virus protection program and keep
it running constantly in the background in order to
steer clear of infections. If you have a "constant
on" Net connection like DSL or cable, you'll also
need to run a firewall program to keep out hackers.
Take a look at:

Firewall Protection:
Spyware Remover:

11) Accounting Software: As an entrepreneur, you'll
need to be able to generate invoices and track your
income and expenses for the "tax man." Three of the
best are:

Internet Tax Helper:

12) Marketing/Promotional: It may have worked for
Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams," but online, the
saying "build it and they will come" is just not
true. You need to be proactive by promoting and marketing
your website constantly to bring in the paying
customers. Here are some excellent resources:

Self Promotion:
Jim World:
Bruce Clay:

13) Typing Shortcuts: At the end of the day you may feel
you've typed so much your fingers will fall off.
Repetitive typing comes with the territory. You'll
find yourself answering the same questions about
your products and services, as well as posting
your sig line to hundreds of posts in discussion
boards...all of which adds up to a lot of repetitive
typing. A typing shortcut tool stores short snippets
of text for you so when you need them you just hit
a key or a combination of keys, and it will type
out your pre-stored text for you. This really saves
a lot of valuable time.

Type It In:

14) Misc: Here are some tools that don't categorize
easily -- but can be extremely useful to you. As
you move around the Net, you'll find many useful
tools and software that can help you in your daily
entrepreneur life. Make sure you bookmark or down-
load them for later use.

TextPad: A more powerful alternative to Notepad

FeedReader: RSS is becoming very popular online so
you'll need a reader to subscribe and read them.

Music: For your musical enjoyment while doing
your web work I highly suggest..

WebBBS: A shareware discussion board to install
on your website.

The Directory of Ezines: A pay for membership site
that will give you access to over 800 newsletters
you can purchase ad space in or swap ads or submit
articles to.

ICop: If you'd like to join a group of online
professionals you'll want to take a look at
this organization:

Being an online entrepreneur involves juggling a
lot of balls to keep everything running smoothly.
By using the right tools for the job you'll save
yourself a lot of time and energy that can be used
to grow your business in a very successful direction.
"Must Have Marketing Resources" Ebook by Merle
is loaded with valuable online resources you need
to know about, when it comes to running your web
business. Get your copy now at ...

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3) Net Hot Spots

Double Birthday Bash

If you wanted to go to San Antonio, Texas to Joel
Christopher & Ted Nicholas’ Double Birthday Bash
Internet Marketing Summit and couldn't make it you
can follow along with BillHibbler as he posts about
the event to his Blog.


Radio Interview

Marcia Yudkin- How to advertise your website
for under 500.00 a year. Radio Interview.


EBook Editing Services

Ebook Editing, a service designed
especially to help authors prepare their manuscripts
for electronic publishing. If you are in the
process of completing a ebook for electronic
publishing you need to have someone go over
and edit it before selling to the public.
Prices seem reasonable at only 50.00 for
50 pages. Hey, you don't want to look like
you can't spiell...(spell) now do ya?



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4) Sites to Help

Delivery Monitor

Think your ezine is getting thru to your
subscriber? Not so fast Chuckie. This new
service monitors your newsletters delivery
rates for you and gives you a full report.
Statistics are calculated showing the
percentage of email arriving in a users
inbox, bulk box, or go entirely missing.


Allows any individual or small business to securely,
conveniently, present their invoices on-line. Sign
up is free but you'll pay a small charge for using
the templated invoices per time. Up to 10 invoices
is only .50 each. This is a great option for any
small online business owner who likes to be paid
via PayPal.



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The Ebay PowerSellers Book of Knowledge

This awesome, newly revised and updated book features everything from the basics of selling on eBay™ to advanced information on making the most of your sales. It is a book that beginners will understand and that experts will appreciate!


**** QUICK TIP***

Website Copy Tips

Make sure when you write copy for your website
you use plain simple language. You want to
write like you would to a close friend. Use
active voice and stick to short paragraphs.
Each paragraph should be no more then 2 or 3
lines. Make sure to use lots of headings and
bullets so the page is quickly scannable by
your visitors. When finished writing read it
outloud to see how it flows.


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5) Site Promotion Software & More

No Nags

Nonags is the safest place on the Internet to
download free software from. Before they list
anything they check for viruses,trojans, spyware
etc. Tons to choose from and never a dull moment.


Handy Recovery

"Handy Recovery is data recovery software
designed to restore accidentally deleted files
on hard and floppy drives with FAT12/16/32,
NTFS and NTFS 5 file systems."



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6) Ebook & Ezine Resources

"Are You an Ezine Publisher"?

Are you tired of constantly looking for new
content for each issue? Search no more. Browse
our huge database of FREE articles written
by some of the Net's Top Experts. Browse
now at....


F-r-e-e 7 Day Traffic Course

An excellent course by a SEO expert, Brad Callen
that will teach you how to get to the top of
the search engines.Good stuff.


Free Ecourse "Perfect Home Business Explained"

Learn Why & How to start your own, Fully Automated,
Home Business that can be run from the comfort
of your living room... step-by-step ecourse shows all!
This is offered up by Dirk Dupon who always has good
stuff so it should be a great read.


Free Ebook

Need to make an ebook cover? Download this free
ebook which explains the ins and outs of ebook
creation. A well designed cover is important to
selling more books. Get your free copy now...
Right click on the link below to save it to your
own hard drive.



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7) Other Valuable Ezines- Ad Swaps

If you would like to swap ads send your ezine information

"Merle's Mission Ezine"

Merle's Mission is published twice a month and is
geared towards webmasters and those who own their
own website. Contains software, free e-books, website
tips and tools, design resources and much more that
will help you build a better website. You'll never
be at a loss for content ideas if you subscribe now!


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Need Help With Your Keywords?

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